Thursday, March 27, 2008

learning to FORGIVE and FORGET

Life is too easy if we think we can forgive and forget. With all the troubles that we put up in making a relationship work, oftentimes we end up making it worse. But not too often though, other times we succeeded. And when we did, we know we accomplished something worth keeping.

Learning to forgive would be easy as A, B, C’s. But remembering how I learned the alphabet gave me a hard time [for it was a long time ago]. Looking at the rationality of forgiving, I know I am capable of it. “I’m open to option” – is not an alibi… it is actually a “mantra” that I am trying to infuse subliminally. Because to forgive is human… as the saying goes. And human as I am, so I’m capable. Time will tell… so goes the saying again.

To forget on the other hand… is completely a different issue. It entails a deeper understanding of one's self. It calls for total conversion of one's self to accept what is unconventional and to change what seem to be impossible. And in the end, forgetting is a decision one has to make. It doesn’t necessarily follow that when you forgive someone you also forget. But the possibility is promising for I am hopeful.

(NOTE: This was written on November 17, 2006)

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